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As a legendary record producer, international film and television composer, songwriter and arranger, Fred Mollin's busy schedule has earned him unique credibility through his numerous creative endeavors.


“In May 2020 during a very sequestered time in Nashville due to the pandemic, I decided I would write a canon of songs that would be a gift to my two grandchildren ages one and three. Music for kids ages 2 through 6.” Mollin continues “I guess I was taking all of the experience that I had since 1998 working on so many projects for Walt Disney Records, and having a chance to finally write my own album of children’s songs that spoke to the beauty and the wonders children see in their early years. Subjects like getting driven around in a car, walking and seeing everything around you, playing with your friends, the joy of food, the magical thing we call weather, etc. I guess I was wishing on a star that the pandemic would be gone soon and young kids would have their world experiences just as we did.

I believe music is the international language, and that writing music for children is one of the things I’m most proud of. I also work hard to make the songs enjoyable for the caregivers as well. I brought in 3 wonderful singers and voice actors to sing certain songs to offer variety and I cast it like a movie.

“It’s Great To Be A Kid” came to me as a project title, because I live in hope that no matter where this music is heard, a child can be uplifted and feel someone understands their new journey and cares about them.”


Fred Mollin first came into international prominence as a record producer in the late 70's, producing numerous albums and singles, including the Grammy award-nominated "SOMETIMES WHEN WE TOUCH" by Dan Hill. In the early 80's Mollin based in L.A. and Toronto to start a 17 year run as a composer for television and film. His credits include “Beverly Hills 90210”, Paramount’s “Hard Copy” and a long list of sci fi and action-adventure film and TV. Mollin continues to work in the film/TV arena, especially in music supervision and direction, as well as writing title themes and songs.

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