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July 10th, 2020

“It’s Now Or Never” and the Pre-Order for Barnett’s Melody Place Debut Album Available Today; A Nashville Songbook to be Released Aug. 21

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I'm Fred Mollin. 

Welcome to this website, and please know that we are still a work in progress, with our first album released, Lisa Mills’ THE TRIANGLE, Jan 24, 2020.


We are scheduled to release our 2nd album, Mandy Barnett’s A NASHVILLE SONGBOOK, in August.

Melody Place is a record company that is small, but we aim to be powerful. 


I am passionately involved in every part of the company as president, and along with my partner, Leigh Shockey, we will be dedicated to keeping the album art form alive and giving the world great new music.

We are primarily a legacy artist album label. We are able to sign great artists who’ve made wonderfully important music for years, and now may be looking for another company to do their next masterpiece with. We’re not going to be searching for new artists to break. We’ll let the other labels do that.

For now. Never say never.

I’m enormously realistic about how to make this company work, and as a musician/arranger/producer, my calling has always been to shepherd artists 
and bring important music into the world.

We primarily want to celebrate the artists who have an illustrious history with still more important projects to do.


The plan is to do no more than three albums a year by three separate artists or groups. This will allow us to have the time, creative energies, as well as resources to market and license these projects all over the world. 

My life as a freelance record producer and music arranger will continue, but I take the role of president of this record label very seriously and it will be 
my first priority. I want to make sure that Melody Place becomes synonymous with great music and becomes a haven for brilliant artists. I respect the album as an art form and believe the album should not disappear anymore than books or movies should.

I know that if labels like Melody Place don’t exist, there will be less important music available to the audience that still wants to listen and embrace the magic and power of great musical works.


We have a slogan for Melody Place, so from now on when you think about the label, you’ll also think about a place “where there is music". That’s  what we hope to be.  We want to be that destination. 



Watch Lisa Mills' behind the scenes documentary on the making of The Triangle, plus stream and download the full album on all major platforms! 

Watch Mandy Barnett's in studio recording session of The End of The World, plus stream and download the single on all major platforms!


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As a legendary record producer and well-known international film and television composer, Fred Mollin's busy schedule has earned him unique credibility through his numerous creative endeavors.

Fred Mollin first came into international prominence as a record producer in the late 70's, producing numerous albums and singles, including the Grammy award-nominated "SOMETIMES WHEN WE TOUCH" by Dan Hill. In the early 80's Mollin based in L.A. and Toronto to start a 17 year run as a composer for television and film. His work has run the gamut from high tension (CBS-CBS TV's Gemini award-nominated child abuse drama "LIAR LIAR" and CBC's "LITTLE CRIMINALS", the award winning drama about young offenders) through fanciful flights of adventure (William Shatner's "TEKWAR" and USA Network's "BEYOND REALITY") to the darkest reaches of the medium (Paramount's "FRIDAY THE 13TH" television series and movies, and MGM-UA's "THE OUTER LIMITS"). His work on such cult series as Tri Star's "FOREVER KNIGHT" and hit mainstream series such as Fox's "BEVERLY HILLS 90210" and Paramount's "HARD COPY" were an integral part to the success of these classics of TV entertainment.

Mollin's adventures in the feature film realm include his orchestral score for "THE FALL" starring Craig Sheffer and "BORDERLINE NORMAL". One project dear to Mollin's heart was the VH-1 television movie "DAYDREAM BELIEVERS - THE MONKEES' STORY" where he not only composed the underscore, but also served as the projects' musical director.

Mollin also parlayed his songwriting, especially from his Disney years of experience, to be one of the main composers and lyricists for songs on the award-winning Disney Channel series, "HANDY MANNY". Mollin continues to work in the film/TV arena, especially in music supervision and direction, as well as writing title themes and songs.

In 2001, Mollin moved to Nashville, as he greatly missed producing and arranging albums, and knew that Nashville was the preeminent place for recording live musicians in the studio. Since dipping his foot back in the water of record producing again, starting in 1996, with critically acclaimed albums such as Jimmy Webb's "TEN EASY PIECES", Kris Kristofferson's "THE AUSTIN SESSIONS", and Barry Mann's "SOUL AND INSPIRATION", he prioritized his life to focus once more on record producing, and once based in Nashville, his life and list of credits in numerous genres, has been deeply fulfilling. Highlights from the recent record years include two GRAMMY nominated albums with Johnny Mathis with "SENDING YOU A LITTLE CHRISTMAS" and "LET IT BE ME - MATHIS IN NASHVILLE", Volume 1 and 2 of Jimmy Webb's Americana duet albums, "JUST ACROSS THE RIVER" and "STILL WITHIN THE SOUND OF MY VOICE", "BACK PAGES" by America, "NATURAL HISTORY" by JD Souther, Rita Wilson's albums, "AM-FM" and “BIGGER PICTURE”, Jo Harman’s “PEOPLE WE BECOME” and the historic album event, “REIMAGINATION” by Motown icon, Lamont Dozier.

Growing a reputation as a duet producer, he has spent the past 5 years producing duets with such artists as BILLY JOEL, WILLIE NELSON, VINCE GILL, NATALIE COLE, GLORIA ESTEFAN, LINDA RONSTADT, LUCINDA WILLIAMS, MICHAEL MCDONALD, MARK KNOPFLER, CHRIS CORNELL, LYLE LOVETT, ART GARFUNKEL, JACKSON BROWNE and countless others.

As an artist, Mollin's projects include "DISNEY'S LULLABY ALBUM" for Walt Disney Records (Billboard Magazine's second best-selling children's album in 2001 and a gold album), as well as over 30 album projects for Disney from 2001 till now.

In 2007 and 2008, Mollin took a hiatus from his freelance career and became Vice President of A&R for Walt Disney Records in California. Along with his executive duties, Mollin was Executive Producer of such Disney successes as "HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL - THE CONCERT", "DISNEYMANIA 5", and "DISNEY CHANNEL HOLIDAY". The year culminated at Disney with Mollin producing Billy Ray Cyrus's hit album, "HOME AT LAST", which included the Certified Gold Single (charting at #2) "READY, SET, DON'T GO" a duet with Billy Ray Cyrus and Miley Cyrus.

In 2009, Mollin returned to Nashville as his home base, and became freelance again, along with retaining his career and life as a dual citizen in Toronto, Canada.

In the latest chapter of Mollin’s musical journey, he has partnered with Memphis-based Leigh Shockey to form MELODY PLACE LLC. This partnership is now ready for prime time, as a boutique, small but powerful, album label specializing in the great legacy artists and new concepts for them. Distributed by BMG worldwide, and helmed by Mollin, MELODY PLACE will be first priority in Mollin’s musical life.
For a detailed list of credits of Mollin’s work in the record world, please visit and click on Fred Mollin’s discography. Mollin’s numerous awards include three Junos, a Gemini and the five SOCAN awards for film and television music.



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